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Your home’s well-being depends on regular maintenance, especially when it comes to its utilities and systems. However, even if you schedule meticulous yearly maintenance, leaks and other problems are inevitable. 

When you need a plumber you can trust for water, sewer, or gas line installation and repair services, the Arlington Heights, IL plumbers at Advantage Plumbing and Sewer Co. are ready to help. Just take a look at the reviews and testimonials left by our satisfied customers!

Professional Maintenance, Servicing, Inspections, and Repairs

Plumber Arlington HeightsThe plumbing pros at Advantage Plumbing and Sewer Co. can handle all requests, from emergency plumbing repair to routine inspections and maintenance. In many cases, regular maintenance and checkups for your drain lines, pipes, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and gas appliances can prevent problems down the line when they catch early warning signs. 

It’s always a good idea to call a professional as soon as possible when you notice a new leak or other warning signs in your home. Tackling these problems early doesn’t just save you trouble later on – it can save you tons in repair costs, too. 

24-Hour Emergency Response

Sewer Line Arlington HeightsIt pays to have the number of a plumber you trust when the worst happens. We have an emergency hotline available for you 24/7 for time-sensitive repairs, but you can also contact us anytime to ask questions or make a regular appointment with our Arlington Heights plumbers. 

Whether you have a clogged drain, a sewer pipe problem, a malfunctioning sump pump or well, or gas leaks, the pros at Advantage Plumbing and Sewer Co. can help, no matter when you call. 

Signs You May Need to Call a Plumber

If you’ve noticed any of the following warning signs inside or outside your home, it may be time to call in the plumbing pros! Plumbing complications can range from relatively mild to life-threateningly severe, and many of them tend to get worse over time. If you’re not sure whether your issue warrants an immediate fix or not, you can always call our experts to ask for advice. 

  • Mold, mildew, or permanently damp areas: Areas that stay damp or give off a moldy or mildew-like smell often point to slow leaks. Eventually, this can impact your health or even compromise the structure of your home. 
  • High water bills: If your water bills rise without any discernible reason, you could have a leak somewhere you can’t see. 
  • Smelly water and puddles: If you notice extra grass growth, damp and spongy areas, or strange smells in your yard, it could indicate a sewer or gas leak that needs repair. 

Whether you need Elgin leak detection, plumbing repair, or any of our other plumbing services, our Arlington Heights plumbers are waiting for your call. Contact Advantage Plumbing and Sewer Co. in Arlington Heights, IL today at (847) 453-3311 for emergencies and non-emergencies.