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Not sure about something relating to one of your systems? Have a question about Advantage Plumbing? To help you more easily find the information you might be looking for, we’ve tried to answer a few of the questions we find that we get asked the most.

How much does it cost to have a tech out?

$29 during regular service hours. Will receive a diagnosis and quote for work up front before any work starts. The cost of the dispatch fee will increase with emergency service, but not the service itself, so you will know the cost of the increase at the time of your phone call.  We will not arbitrarily increase service rates based on emergency service call time.

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?

One of two things: it’s either iron bacteria or sulfur in your water. One of which, originates in your hot water system and could be fixed be making changes to your water heating system. The other requires a special water conditioning unit called a sanitizer. Call an Advantage Plumbing tech out to get to the bottom of your rotten egg smell.

Why does my water leave stains on my fixtures?

One of two things: either hardness or iron both of which are very treatable with proper water conditioning components.

How can I increase my water pressure?

Depends on your water service – Well: could be as simple as replacing your well switch or well tank. City water: could be increased by replacing old galvanized piping; for either – replacing old faucet cartridges or faucets themselves.

Why is my AC unit leaking?

Quite often it’s due to a clogged condensate line which is the drain for your AC condensation pan

Why would my AC unit freeze up?

As units age, freon leaks can develop in the coil or in the outside condensing unit reducing the amount of freon in the unit which will cause ice to form on the unit. Call Advantage get your freon recharged today.

Why is doesn’t my furnace heat to the temperature I set my thermostat to?

First thing to check is your filter, if your filter is clogged, your furnace could go off on a high limit which would not allow it to go up to its specified temperature. There are many other reasons this might be happening but the first step is checking the filter.

Why is my water heater leaking?

If water is leaking at the top of the water heater it could be a dialectric union or the water supply piping connection. If it’s leaking from the bottom, it’s likely a failed temperature and pressure relief valve or a failed tank.