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The Garbage Disposal Experts of Lake Barrington

Keep Your Kitchen Pipes In Top Working Order

A hugely useful feature of the modern plumbing system, garbage disposals help to make life in the kitchen both that much easier and convenient. With the simple flip of a switch, you can dispose of any food scraps while cooking or cleaning up after a meal cutting down on the amount of smelly waste in your garbage can. Food scraps are bound to slip down the kitchen sink drain at some point, but a garbage disposal can help protect your pipes from blockages by breaking everything down into smaller pieces. Keeping your garbage disposal in top shape is still incredibly important and it’s always best to contact a specialist for regular servicing or if it seems like your garbage disposal unit isn’t working properly.

If you’re in need of garbage disposal repair or installation, contact us to have an expert come out and fix your garbage disposal or install a brand new one. At Advantage Plumbing, we know the ins and outs of these units, and can assist you in selecting the right unit for your home and sink, or we’ll help locate the source of your garbage disposal issues if your unit is not moving quickly enough or has stopped functioning altogether. Give our team a call as soon as you notice trouble with your system, or if you’ve decided you cannot go without a garbage disposal in your kitchen any longer.

The key with keeping any system in top working order is to always treat the system with care, and your kitchen sink disposal is no exception. You want to be sure to only be disposing of soft food items and still be throwing things like plastic paper, or animal bones in a normal trash can. You can also avoid costly servicing or drain blockage by avoiding using the disposal for fibrous foods such as celery, squash, or broccoli as these types of foods can wrap around inner workings of your disposal and cause the motor to struggle. You can also avoid drain clogs by disposing of things that expand when they soak up water like rice or pasta. Other items to avoid pouring down any drain would be especially fatty oils or grease as they tend to coat the inner lining of pipes and gather debris.

We Service and Install Garbage Disposals

Whether you’re looking add the convenience of a garbage disposal to your kitchen or it’s been awhile since you last had it serviced, feel free to give us call and talk with one of our knowledgeable and friendly professionals her at Advantage Plumbing. One of our professionals can easily get your new disposal unit installed quickly and with as little inconvenience to your daily life as possible.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Not having a garbage disposal as a part of your kitchen can risk major drain clogging or potential sewage backup at a minimum and can cause long term damage to your pipes if food items are not being broken down or thrown away properly. Our experts can assess any damage to your pipes as well as help you make the best decision on what unit will fit your needs and budget.

Garbage Disposal Repair

If your garbage disposal doesn’t seem to be operating like it used to or has stopped working altogether you may just need some quick repairs from an expert. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can send a garbage disposal specialist to your home to help locate the cause of the issue, offer tips on caring for your disposal in the future, or make a recommendation on how soon you may need to consider replacing your current unit.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

As with anything that is used on a regular basis or used over a long period of time, a garbage disposal will eventually require repair at a minimum and at some point a full replacement to be able to continue functioning. One of our experts can help you determine if a full replacement might be necessary to maintain. We’ll make sure your replacement disposal unit fits properly with your kitchen setup and runs correctly, so don’t wait to contact us if you notice any trouble with your current garbage disposal. We’re available for all your garbage disposal needs regardless of where you might be located in the greater Lake Barrington  area.