Duct Installation & Repair

Chicagoland Duct Installation & Repair

Systems That Run Efficiently & Effectively

No matter what your need may be, at Advantage Plumbing, Heating & AC, we have the experts to handle the ductwork installation and repair of your Chicago home. Many people don’t realize that the ductwork within their home is the circulatory system of their central heating and air conditioning. If the ducts become pinched or collapsed at all that can have a lasting effect on the comfort of your home as well as the efficiency of your system. If you’ve started to notice some inconsistencies in the the heating or cooling of parts of your home, or if you have begun to hear abnormal noises coming form the ductwork in your house, contact the Chicago duct installation and repair experts at Advantage Plumbing. We have offered customers throughout the greater Chicagoland area both high quality workmanship, and a superior customer experience for a number of years. Combining our satisfaction guarantee with our workmanship warranty, ensures that you are not only comfortable in your home, but secure in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered and are available 24/7 to handle any emergencies that might arise. Schedule an appointment today to have one of our experts examine your ductwork system and evaluate any potential immediate issues or future concerns.

Ductwork Design That Meets Your Needs

Most commonly available in standardized dimensions, the majority of home ductwork is based on a specific assumption as to the general design of a home. We don’t have to tell you that almost every home is different and often require a little bit of strategic planning to make the ductwork mesh with the layout of a home. When faced with such situations, the HVAC contractor generally would just make the standard sizes work even if that would constitute the use of unnecessary bends or pinching, both of which result in decreases in the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating and air conditioning system. If you are thinking about redoing some of the ductwork in your Chicago home, or are building a brand new one and want to make sure your system is optimized for efficiency, then contact the ductwork installation and design experts at Advantage Plumbing today. We specialize in making sure that the air flowing throughout your home is faced with as little resistance as possible.

Professional Ductwork Installation

Ductwork installation by a professional is one of the keys to the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating and air conditioning system. At Advantage Plumbing, Heating & AC, our countless years of ductwork experience includes standardized sizes as well as custom designed systems. Our primary goal is your comfort and the correct installation of a system that will run efficiently and reduce energy costs. We take into account every factor and variable, including estimating and preparing for the possibility that airflow can cause the ducts to shift. Over time, these minor movements can lead to stressed areas in your ductwork that result in holes, especially if your system utilizes flexible insulated ducts. These holes will not only sacrifice the efficiency of your system and cost you more money as they get worse, but also cause your system to be less effective when trying to heat or air condition your home. If you have been experiencing a lack of effectiveness in your system and are concerned that you may have a bad section of ductwork, call the emergency number below for a prompt service call. We’ll have your system back up and running in no time.