Furnace Installation & Repair

Chicagoland Furnace Installation & Repair

Keeping You Comfortable And Warm

The friendly experts at Advantage Plumbing, Heating & AC have been providing quality heating services to the greater Chicagoland area for a number of years. Having assisted countless customers in finding a new or replacement furnace that will match their their needs for both budget and heating capacity. Call the Chicago furnace installation specialists at Advantage Plumbing if your furnace seems to be having trouble keeping your home heated or if you are in the market to install a heating system in your new home. Having your furnace installed professionally is one of the best things you can do to ensure that it operates efficiently and consistently. At Advantage Plumbing, our dedicated to your complete satisfaction is marched only by the high quality of work that we provide with every service call. Offering you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well as a warranty on our workmanship so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered. It may be time to consider a replacement unit If your furnace is considerably old or has been requiring increasingly more frequent repairs. Contact us today or go ahead and schedule an appointment to have your furnace checked by on of our experts. Chicagoland’s furnace installation and replacement specialists, our technicians will provide you with as many options as possible as well as their expert recommendation for your specific circumstances. If you’re furnace has stopped working altogether, call the emergency number at the bottom of the page and we’ll have an Advantage Plumbing expert out to your location in no time.

Comparing Gas Furnaces To Electric Furnaces

Advantage Plumbing employs expert technicians with the knowledge and training to be able to effectively and efficiently install either gas or electric type furnaces. With both types of systems yielding significant advantages, it is in your own interest to consult a professional contractor before making a final decision on what will best suit your home, personal preferences, and budget. Some of the more prominent difference include gas furnaces being larger and requiring the installation of a flue to expel combustion gases from your home. Gas furnaces range on the less expensive end of the spectrum due to natural gas prices almost always being cheaper than a comparable amount of electricity. Alternatively, electric furnaces provide an excellent option for any homes that are not already equipped with an existing gas line. 100% efficient, electric furnaces are much more precise, but generally use a greater amount of energy when heating your home and often pose a higher up-front cost. Contact Chicagoland’s furnace installation and replacement experts at Advantage Plumbing, Heating & AC with any questions you might have when considering the purchase of a new furnace.

How Professional Chicago Furnace Installation Will Benefit You

When faced with the need for a furnace replacement or the installation of one in your brand new home, working with the Chicago furnace installation professionals at Advantage Plumbing, Heating & AC can be the difference between system that continues to run efficiently for years to come and one that requires regular repair work and attention. With years of experience working with virtually every brand and type of both electric or gas burning furnaces, our technicians know all the ins and outs of what will keep them running smoothly and what might cause you problems down the road. Of critical importance to the installation process, is selecting a furnace that is the right size for your home and will be able to perform at peak efficiency. If your furnace is too big or too small it can result in disastrous problems both immediately and down the road, such as overheating if it’s having to work to hard; in some cases, the wrong sized system can even result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Contact the Chicago furnace installation technicians at Advantage Plumbing to find out how how our installation and repair services can help keep your home comfortable and safe for your family.

Why Furnace Repairs May Be More Expensive Than Replacement

Repair work on a furnace can be both an unwanted expense and a major inconvenience, while completely necessary to ensure the comfort of your home especially during cold winter nights in the Chicagoland area. If your furnace seems to be struggling to keep your house at the proper temperature or is in constant need of repair, then it may be time to consider upgrading to a more efficient one so you don’t have to worry about it any more. Replacing your furnace can lead to some major benefits, including:

Drastic Increase In Efficiency

Modern furnaces are AFUE rated up to 98%, meaning that of the fuel they consume, only 2% is wasted. Comparatively, a lot of older furnaces’ AFUE ratings come in at around 60%, such units wasting nearly half of the fuel that they consume.

Superior Comfort Consistency

If it always seems like your furnace isn’t actually heating your home enough or if it is constantly turning on and off, then it is very likely that a replacement unit would grant you a far more consistent temperature and level of comfort that you probably forgot was even available.

Increase In Safety

Modern day systems come equipped with a number of safety features not standard to most older models. These features offer better protection for your occupants and home from risk of danger or damage.

Decrease In Repair Costs

As time goes by, the risk of your old furnace needing repairs more and more frequently continues to rise. One of the main benefits of a new furnace is the peace of mind that comes from not having to worry about constant maintenance or repair-work just to keep your system running. Additionally, if you weigh the recurring cost of maintaining your old furnace against the cost of the purchase and installation of a new unit, often times customers discover that they amount they will end up saving in the long run greatly out weighs the cost of constant repairs.

If you’re having trouble with your furnace, call the emergency number just below to have an Advantage Plumbing furnace replacement expert dispatched to your Chicago home today. Or you can schedule an appointment to have a technician examine and make a recommendation based on the current state of your system.