Thermostat Installation & Repair

Chicagoland Thermostat Installation & Repair

Control That Suits Your Needs

Frequently overlooked, thermostats are an incredibly important part of any heating & air conditioning system. A faulty system can be the difference between a comfortable home that is just the right temperature throughout every room and there being noticeable temperature differences from room to room. If you require thermostat repair, installation, or maintenance for your home in Chicago, make sure to contact our friendly technicians at Advantage Plumbing, Heating & AC. With countless years of experience offering the full suite of heating and air conditioning services to the greater Chicagoland area, we have extensive experience with thermostats. Familiar with every kind of thermostat from digital and programmable units, to Wi-Fi enabled and remotely controlled thermostats. A large number of heating and air conditioning problems are caused by a bad or faulty thermostat. Our technicians can even assist in the replacement of any older or manual thermostats while you can rest at ease with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty on all of our work. Schedule an appointment for one of our in-house experts evaluate your system and make recommendations on any upgrades that will improve your efficiency and ultimately save you money.

Digital vs. Programmable Thermostats

For all intents and purposes, digital thermostats are just easier to read manual thermostats that grant you slightly more precise control over temperatures and settings. Basically just the bare bones, standard minimum when it comes to thermostats, they are only slightly better than their manual predecessors and offer you little to no real advantages when heating or cooling your home.

If you’re seeking a thermostat that grants you slightly more control over the comfort of your home, then a programmable thermostat is most likely your best option. Allowing you the freedom to set temperatures for specific day parts and retain complete control over when your hating or air conditioning system should be running for maximum comfort. One of the greatest everyday application is the ability to set your thermostat to automatically turn off around the time you leave for work, and then reinitiate about 30 minutes before your return to ensure a comfortable home while keeping your energy costs low.

Wi-Fi Capable Thermostat Installation

A Wi-Fi thermostat is an excellent choice If you’re looking for that next level of control over your heating and air conditioning system for your home in the Chicago metro area. Connected to the internet, Wi-Fi thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature from anywhere that you have a connection. Simply login and set the temperature at home to whatever you desire. If you leave for the weekend and forget to adjust your heating or air conditioning system accordingly, you can do so easily by using your computer or mobile phone.

Common Problems Caused By Bad Thermostats

When you need thermostat repair experts for your Chicago home, Advantage Plumbing, Heating & AC is the place to call. One of the smallest components in your system, thermostats play a very large role in your comfort at home. Be sure to schedule an appointment or give us a call at the emergency number below if you think your thermostat might be damaged, or if you are experiencing any of the common problems listed below.

Heating Or Cooling Is Ineffective

One of the most common problems we run into when helping clients for either their heating, or air conditioning system. Something as simple as a clogged air filter can be the cause, but more often then not, the problem lies with the thermostat. Known to behave especially erratic when low on batteries, thermostats can also reach a point of drastic miscalculation and be reading the temperature completely incorrectly as a result. If this is a case then your thermostat may require a recalibration or full replacement.

Heating Or AC System Doesn’t Turn On

As with all Chicago heating and cooling systems, it can be difficult to pinpoint where a problem might be without an in person examination. However, the most common cause for heating and air conditioning systems not activating when the should usually lies with faulty wiring to the thermostat, something out technicians have plenty of experience in rectifying for home systems throughout Chicagoland.