UV Lights

Chicagoland UV Lights

The Standard for Air Quality & Safety

Circulating air throughout your home can often result in the circulation of dust particles, mold, and other unwanted debris. At Advantage Plumbing, Heating & AC, we have experience with a number of home heating methods that reduce the risk of spreading air borne contaminants, such as UV Lighting. In general, the air filters of regular systems are able to greatly reduce the number of air borne contaminants circulated throughout your home, but they are still susceptible to some microorganisms like viruses and a number of specific bacteria’s that are small enough to slip through a variety of brands and types of filters. An extremely effective method of destroying such contaminants is through the use of ultraviolet germicidal lighting with your heating and air conditioning system. Catering to the Chicago metro area for a number of years, our technicians at Advantage Plumbing continue to provide consistent, high quality services and workmanship combined with an exceptional customer experience as well as our satisfaction guarantee and warranty on all of our work. Schedule an appointment or give us a call to find out if UV germicidal lighting could affect the air quality of your home.

UV Germicidal Lighting Installation

UV Lighting, or Ultraviolet is very similar to the same type of rays that are put off by the sun. Capable of damaging skin after prolonged exposure and leaving a tender sunburn, ultraviolet lights are also extremely effective in the destruction of microorganisms and is often used to disinfect medical equipment as a result. Utilized essentially as a safeguard to catch any harmful microorganisms that went unchecked by your air filtration system, UV lighting can be installed directly within your ductwork or in the air handler through a relatively quick and easy process. Our technicians have years of experience in the installation of a variety of UV Lighting systems. If you are interested in having a UV lighting system added onto your heating and air conditioning system, then contact us today.

UV Germicidal Lighting Benefits

The apex of protection against both air borne contaminants, UV lights are an excellent addition to the heating and air conditioning system of any Chicagoland home. Their ability to catch microorganisms that are too small to be caught by your regular air filters or air purifiers make for cleaner air and healthier occupants in your home. Emitting a constant glow of ultraviolet radiation that will render any microbes unable to reproduce and thus ineffective in spreading germs that are often the primary cause of colds and other infections. The end result being a cleaner, safer environment for you and your guests.

UV Lighting Repair & Maintenance

Post installation, or if you already have a UV lighting system installing in your air ducts, it can be difficult to spot any issues that may arise, or any sections of the system that may need repair work or maintenance. If you just had a UV lighting system installed, then we recommend that you schedule regular maintenance to ensure the functionality and effectiveness of your system. If you can’t recall the last time you had your system checked, we recommend you schedule an appointment immediately in which one of our technicians will inspect every component of your HVAC system including the UV lights. We pay special attention to anything that is likely to go stop functioning in the near future such as dim lights as well as checking to make sure that none have gone out completely. Contact Advantage Plumbing today to ensure the safety and air quality of your home.