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All plumbing repair jobs or heating and cooling repair jobs are given the same amount of attention regardless of size.

Need a heating and cooling professional in a pinch? Advantage Plumbing, Heating & AC has a professional on call at all times, ready to respond to all heating and cooling repair scenarios at a moment’s notice. If you need heating and AC professionals anytime day or night, we’re the perfect choice. At Advantage we have all the necessary resources and experience to complete any heating or air conditioning repair, both residential and commercial, in a prompt, professional manner. Our trucks will arrive at your house or business fully stocked. This will minimize the time necessary to complete repairs by eliminating trips to the supply house.

Our service technician will supply you with as many heating or cooling repair OPTIONS as possible so you can choose what solutions best fit your family’s needs. We will always provide flat fee pricing before any work begins.

We know you need heating and cooling solutions that do not interfere with your life. We respect your property. We wear boot covers to protect your floors and use drop cloths to keep our work area clean. We guarantee your property will be clean as or cleaner than we found it.

We make the best possible repairs using high quality products. Many contractors opt to make quick fixes that do not last with cheap products. Our top quality repairs enable us to stand behind our work with warranties. You will find that our warranties are as good, if not better, than others in the industry. Should a defect arise, we work directly with the manufacturers, so you don’t have to.

Your peace of mind is our top priority. Call Advantage today if you need a heating and AC professional immediately.


Replacing old inefficient heating systems with new cost effective and safe systems or new construction systems.
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From annual inspections to furnace & AC maintenance and repairs, we’re available to help! Call Today!


We specialize in furnace maintenance and repair. Most home heating systems require annual maintenance.


Our indoor air quality services will ensure your home has clean, breathable and safe air for you and your family.


Stay cool with a quality air conditioning system. We offer maintenance, repair, and new AC systems. Call today!


HVAC Specialties

Furnace replacement

Furnace Repair

Furnace cleaning and maintenance

Air conditioning system replacement

Air Conditioning Repair

Air duct cleaning

Clean air assessments



Air purifiers, cleaners and filters

Residential Specialties:

Hot Water Heater replacement

Hot Water Heater Repair

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Sump pump replacement

Ejector pump replacement

Toilet Repair

Toilet Replacement

Faucet replacement/repair

Water/gas leak detection/repair

Low water pressure diagnostic/repair

Whole house repipes

Sewer cleaning

Sewer Repair

Sewer replacement

Cleanout installation

Basement bathroom installation

Well systems

Water conditioning

New construction plumbing

Misc. plumbing repairs

Commercial Specialties:

Commercial plumbing

Urinal replacement

Urinal repair

Commercial Water Heater

Commercial toilets

Flush valves

Roof drains

Grease traps

RPZ testing