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North Aurora Leak Detection & Repair

Preventative Measures To Save You Money

At Advantage Plumbing, we offer leak detection services to help prevent serious damage to your property and save you the stresses of costly emergency repairs or replacement. If you begin to notice water gathering in pools in your backyard, wet patches, or even warm spots on concrete flooring, you could very likely have a water leak that might already be causing major damage to your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you might have a leak somewhere in your system and we’ll dispatch one of our professional plumbers with the proper equipment to locate the issue using minimal time and waste of resources.

Leak Detection Services

If a leak is allowed to go on for too long, it can not only cost you money on your monthly water bills, but can also pose a significant threat to your property resulting in extremely expensive repairs. Our licensed plumbers apply a variety of techniques when locating any leaks inside your home or commercial property before repairing them quickly and efficiently. If you’ve noticed an area on your property that seems to be leaking, don’t wait for the damage to increase, give us a call now!

If you know there’s a leak but require some leak detection in order to determine where it’s coming from, then we’re the company for you. We offer same-day service to the entire greater North Aurora area, and have professional plumbers on standby for emergencies like any you might be experiencing to help you get any leaks fixed before they become an even more serious problem.

Thermal Imaging

It is very common for the source of a plumbing leak to be in coming from an are that might be more difficult to access, such as somewhere underground or behind a wall. When this is the case, many other plumbing companies will tend to employ simple trial and error to locate the where the leak is coming from. At Advantage Plumbing, we value both your time and your money much more than that. As a result we seek to utilize high-tech leak detection equipment that helps to eliminate the guessing form the equation entirely and locate your leak much more efficiently.