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Let Advantage Plumbing & Sewer Co. be your top choice plumber in DeKalb, IL. We are a Elgin-based plumbing and water heater company offering 24/7 service to DeKalb and surrounding areas. Our service is fast and professional, and we have the knowledge and equipment needed to take care of your plumbing needs. 

Our plumbing services include:

  • Full system inspections
  • Drain cleaning and other maintenance
  • Part repairs and replacements
  • Total repiping and system replacements
  • Water heater maintenance and repairs
  • Water heater replacements
  • Emergency plumbing
  • And more

Get expert service in plumbing, drain cleaning, and sewer cleaning from Advantage Plumbing & Sewer Co. Read some of our customer reviews to learn why you can trust Advantage as your plumber in DeKalb, IL. 

Draining Cleaning Services in DeKalb

Your drains need regular cleaning to ensure proper flow and prevent leaks. If you’ve noticed that water isn’t draining as fast as it should in your sinks or tubs, call an expert plumber at Advantage. 

We’ll clean out the P-trap and investigate any clogs in the drain pipe. We have several ways to clear a clog, including pipe snakes and hydro jets, so we will be able to help even if your DIY methods have been unsuccessful.

Plumbing Repair and Replacement Services in DeKalb

Whether you need a water heater repair service, a pipe replacement, or a complete home repiping, the plumbers at Advantage can take care of it. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to handle any plumbing repair or replacement service you need in DeKalb and the Elgin area. 

When you call us, we will inspect your entire system to locate the cause of the problem and any other problems that may present themselves down the line. We’ll let you know what we recommend and find a repair or replacement solution that fits your circumstances and budget. 

Water Heater Services in DeKalb

Homeowners depends on their water heaters to provide hot water for their homes. Seek the help of our reliable professionals if your water heater starts acting up. We will investigate the problem fully to determine what is causing it, be it a corroded pipe or a damaged heater, and find the best solution that fits your needs.

Emergency Plumbing in DeKalb

At Advantage, we recognize that plumbing emergencies don’t always happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., so we are available 24/7 to handle any size emergency. We bring a variety of parts and equipment to every call to address each situation quickly with the proper tools. 

You can call us for any plumbing service or use our online contact form to get in touch. We answer all emails in 24 hours or less! Find out more about plumbing services we can help you with.

Don’t wait for an emergency to contact Advantage Plumbing & Sewer Co. We are your top choice in plumber in DeKalb, IL. Call today at 847-268-3553.