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Whether it is a long-awaited plumbing project or a water heater emergency, Advantage Plumbing & Sewer Co. is the right service to call for a plumber in Fox River Grove, IL. Our experienced plumbers understand all there is to know about plumbing in this part of the country, including the complications that come with harsh winters and below-freezing temperatures. Contact us today to learn more about plumbing, water treatment, and drain cleaning services by Advantage Plumbing.

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Plumbing Maintenance and Repair—Fox River Grove, IL

The team at Advantage Plumbing & Sewer Co. sees plenty of plumbing emergencies happen in the field, but it is possible for property owners to avoid the mess with regular maintenance. Our plumbing service includes options for the inspection, repair, and maintenance of plumbing pipes, drains, and fixtures.

Maintenance is crucial in preventing expensive plumbing repairs and emergencies, but keeping these systems efficient also decreases your water, sewer, and energy bills long-term. Our team covers the entire plumbing system with:

  • A comprehensive inspection of all pipes and components
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Repair for any damage or potential problems
  • Adjustments to the plumbing system for better efficiency

Illinois Water Filtration Services

Safe, fresh drinking water is essential for every person on the planet, but how can homeowners in the Fox River Grove area be sure that the water coming out of the taps is clean? Filtration happens, but there are still chemicals such as chlorine present, as well as trace elements and metals that could be harmful with continued consumption. Don’t worry; Advantage Plumbing & Sewer Co. can help.

Ask us more about how we install a complete water filtration system to remove contaminants and soften the water. It is the best way to safeguard the purity of your drinking water in Illinois.

The Advantage Plumbing & Sewer Co. team is here to help—find out more about us on our website.

Leak Detection and Drain Cleaning in Fox River Grove

Has your water bill increased suddenly? While some leaks may be obvious, others may be hidden in the plumbing system. Advantage Plumbing & Sewer Co. uses advanced technology to detect leaks throughout the plumbing system and repair them before they can lead to more serious problems.

One of the problems with unseen leaks and blockages is the resulting drain issues. Slow and clogged drains are one of the most common reasons to call a Fox River Grove plumber, whether for the:

  • sink,
  • toilet, or
  • washing machine hose.

We handle all kinds of clogs, from greasy, oily kitchen drain blockages to toothpaste, hair, and toilet tissue in the bathroom drains.

We are a top choice in Fox River Grove, from plumbing issues to leaking garbage disposal units. Our high-quality service includes the repair and replacement of all types of plumbing systems, sewer services, drain cleaning, and more. Call Advantage Plumbing & Sewer Co. at (847) 268-3553 today and speak to a premier plumber in Fox River Grove, IL.