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Why settle for low water pressure, cold water, or brown sediment traces coming out of the faucet when you could turn to our affordable plumbers in Glendale Heights, IL? At Advantage Plumbing, Heating & A/C, we can return your piping system to its former glory so that you can enjoy the flow, temperature, and hygiene you need. 

These types of problems can be more than a simple annoyance, quickly turning into health hazards and costly plumbing replacements without professional intervention. However, plumbing professionals like ours offer quick solutions for these common repairs with reliable systems that won’t break the bank.

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Sump Pump Repairs in Glendale Heights, Illinois

The Glendale Heights area receives around 37.9% rainfall annually, almost on par with the country’s 38.1% average. Homes in lower elevations frequently suffer from flooded basements and similar issues, which is why sump pumps are so essential here. Our professionals install these devices to pump out excess water, but it is crucial that the pumps work perfectly year-round if they are to protect your basement from storms and water damage.

If the circuit breaker trips, a damaged float switch wears out the pump, or there is a clog, there is a good chance of stubborn watermarks on the walls and other issues. Rather, call our highly experienced plumbers in Glendale Heights, IL. We can ensure that your sump pump functions efficiently to:

  • Improve the household’s air quality,
  • Reduce pest infestations, and
  • Deter structural deterioration.

Tankless Water Heater Repairs

Did you know that a tankless water heater can heat up to five gallons of water per minute? A tankless water heater of any size should last up to 20 years—twice as long as a heater that relies on a tank system. 

Despite its longevity, you may still need our tankless water heater professionals in Elgin if you notice any of the following:

  • Limited hot water on the property
  • No hot water coming out of the faucets
  • Inconsistent heating (hot and cold patches)

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Glendale Heights Slab Leak Repairs

Typical slab leaks occur when a water line breaks beneath a concrete foundation. While many of these breakages result from improper placement or installation, they also happen when soil shifts and pipe pressure increases. Pipes also corrode if the soil has a soluble salt makeup, and it will take experts to locate the leak at its source. 

Thankfully, these types of issues are easy repairs for our experienced Glendale Heights team. We find the problem’s origin and repair it on-site, whether it is a partial or full pipe replacement or rerouting job. Chat with us today to learn more about hydro-jetting services and the other plumbing services we offer seven days a week.

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