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Recurring issues with your plumbing appliances can often indicate a serious issue with your sewer pipe. If you have tried numerous solutions with no luck, you have something bigger than a simple drainage clog on your hands. Fortunately, our team at Advantage Plumbing & Sewer Co. has the experience, equipment, and technology necessary to solve the problem and give you peace of mind. 

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What Happens During Sewer Excavation Services?

Sewer excavation services resolve underground problems. Sometimes, you can’t find a simple solution to your plumbing woes because of the septic system’s invisible location. Our experts use industry-leading equipment and tools to find the problem at its source.

Sewer excavation requires precision and attention to detail. First, our team performs a camera inspection to identify the problem. Our technology allows us to accurately locate the damaged piping and assess the situation.

Next, we evaluate your plumbing blueprint. Our team marks the areas that need excavation. This prevents us from digging up the wrong areas of your property.

Finally, our excavation crew begins the external excavation process. We use heavy machinery and careful calculations to remove the soil surrounding the problematic area. We can then mend the broken sewer equipment.   

Common Problems That a Sewer Excavation in Elgin, IL Can Address

Why would you ever need a sewer excavation in Elgin, IL? The reasons might surprise you.

Many homeowners associate excavation with an extreme problem, but we often encounter a few common issues that fly under our customers’ radars: 

  • Outdated septic systems can sustain damage more easily than new materials. Additionally, natural ground movements and temperature fluctuations can make pipes lose their integrity. 
  • Mature trees have complex root systems. Moving water draws those tree roots toward it. When a tree senses water moving through a sewer line, it might encroach on the system’s workings. 
  • A pipe may burst during extremely cold temperatures. Much like your home’s plumbing, underground plumbing can also freeze. 
  • Shoddy installation work also causes issues. In this case, we’ll reinstall your piping to ensure you don’t encounter these issues again.  

As you can see, sewer excavation can address fairly common issues that you would associate with your indoor plumbing. However, excavation requires a special set of skills and equipment from sewer technicians. 

Signs a Sewer Excavation Can Help You

How can you tell whether these issues affect your home? Many homeowners often report the following plumbing symptoms:

  • Constant plumbing backups that typical drain cleaning solutions don’t resolve. You’ve tried every product and service available to no avail.
  • Bubbling or gurgling noises that come from your toilets and drains. Your plumbing appliances shouldn’t make odd noises. Gurgling indicates that the water doesn’t drain easily. 
  • Unpleasant odors on your property. You might detect sewage smells outdoors or in your basement, which indicates a sewage leak. 
  • Unexplained increases in your water bill. If you pay more for your water bill, you have a serious leak in your plumbing or septic system. 
  • Soggy areas on your property. When water leaks constantly, the affected area stays wet at all times. 
  • A spike in the mosquito population. Mosquitoes are a common pest, but you shouldn’t combat them every time you leave your home. 
  • Slow drainage. If you’ve tried drain snakes and other tools and your water doesn’t drain quickly, you have a sewer problem.  

Our Sewer Excavation Services in Elgin, IL

We provide a variety of sewer services. Many of them begin with a camera inspection and a subsequent sewer excavation. Some services our team provide include:

  • Sewer rerouting
  • Slope corrections
  • System installation
  • Deep clog removal
  • Line repairs that address perforations, cuts, fractures, and spots.

We often recommend an annual inspection for septic systems over 50 years old. A yearly inspection allows you to remain aware of any upcoming issues. Then, we can resolve the problem before it gets bigger.

If you’re ever confronted with a sewer emergency, you can count on our team to save the day! We’re available 24/7 for emergencies to ensure our clients get expert services when they need them most. Request a free quote from us today!

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