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Your sewer line carries dirty water and waste away from your home. When you need sewer line installation and replacement in Elgin, IL, you need reliable professionals that get the job done right!

Advantage Plumbing & Sewer delivers reliable sewer installation and replacement. Our experienced crews have the tools and skills to install a new sewer line with the best method and materials for any situation.

If your sewer problem stems from rain causing flooding in your home or basement, Advantage Plumbing & Sewer provides flood control sewer system service in Elgin.

When Do You Need Sewer Line Replacement in Elgin, IL?

When you see signs of a failing sewer line, call Advantage Plumbing & Sewer. Our inspectors scope your sewer using a camera inspection that sends a video camera through every part of your drain line, giving you a complete understanding of the state of your sewer lines.

Frequent Repairs

When you pay for repair after repair but the problems keep coming, the source of your trouble could lie in an aging or degrading sewer line. Repeated clogged drains, pipes throughout the house all draining slowly, noisy pipes that constantly gurgle or bang, and bad sewer smells rising up from the drains could all point to the sewer line needing replacement.

Rooter Service Gives Diminishing Returns

Tree roots love to grow into your sewer line, soaking up the water and nutrients and clogging up your pipes. Rooter service cuts through the roots and clears those up for a time, but repeated regrowth weakens the pipes, compromising the line with larger gaps, more root blockages, and breakage points. 

When the deterioration gets too much, a full sewer line replacement stops the cycle of root clearing and repair with sturdy new materials and a solid, tightly fitted new sewer line.

Broken Sewer Line

Signs of a broken sewer line include blocked piles throughout your home, unexplained water pooling in your yard, foul marshy areas, or actual floods of sewage.

Our Sewer Replacement Services in Elgin, IL

The type method of sewer line replacement depends on the condition of your existing sewer line, the location of the line and other service lines, and other considerations, including soil type and line length.

Trenched Sewer Line Replacement

Traditional sewer line replacement, or trenched sewer installation, requires digging up your yard to remove all the old pipes and replace them. This method takes a lot of work, usually lasting up to two weeks. The aftermath of trenched installation may involve replacing driveways or sidewalks and landscaping restoration. 

The benefits of trenched sewer line installation allow the full removal of the old sewer line and any contaminated soil. Trenching locates and cuts away infiltrating roots and can incorporate plans to block them from reaching the new sewer line. With full access to the entire line, trench sewer installation provides complete replacement, including the sewer pipe lining, making it an effective and long-lasting sewer line replacement method.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Trenchless methods usually offer the most noninvasive and resource-efficient sewer line replacement.

  • Pipe bursting: Trenchless sewer line replacement uses the old sewer line as a guide to push the new piping into its place. We use a hydraulic expansion tool to force the old pipe outward, creating space and then pulling the new sewer line into place behind it.
  • Pipe relining: In this trenchless method, we feed a liner through the old pipe. Then that liner inflates and adheres to the walls of the old pipe, forming a single solid tube that seals out leaks and cracks and resists tree roots. Though the liner method relies on the state of your original sewer line, the material lasts for decades, effectively making your old sewer line brand new.

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When you need sewer line installation and replacement in Elgin, IL, rely on the certified professionals at Advantage Plumbing & Sewer. We offer the best sewer line replacement options at competitive prices, and our unmatched customer service guarantees you the most comfortable experience with the highest customer satisfaction around. We can even tackle smaller clogs and issues with drain cleaning.

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