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Toilet Installation & Repair For Your DeKalb Home

Keeping Your Bathrooms Running Properly 

Always available to assist whether you require emergency services or are simply looking to employ professionals for your next project or remodel. Our experts can assist you with everything from toilet repair, replacement or even a full installation. Regardless of whether you are remodeling the bathroom or have been experiencing problems with your toilet, our plumbers have the expertise to diagnose the problem you’re facing as well as making recommendations towards repairing your toilet or if a full replacement install is called for. Featuring considerable experience with a wide variety of high quality toilet brands we can install a unit recommended or work with the brand of your choice. All our workmanship is guaranteed and we also work with manufacturers to get you the best product warranty coverage available for your selected toilet.

Toilet Replacement

There are a variety of reasons that replacing your toilet might be the better choice as opposed to repairs. The primary factors being an unfixable issue or bathroom updating, replacing your toilet is the perfect opportunity to select higher efficiency toilet and save money on your water bill. As water rates have continued to increase over the past 5 years, the longer you wait to upgrade your toilet’s efficiency, the more money you may be wasting on your water bill. The primary way to increase the efficiency of your toilets is by replacing your existing toilet with low flush toilets to help conserve water and also protect the environment. Another benefit from updating your toilets is the increase in value that comes from modernizing and keeping within recommended home buyer standards

Toilet Repairs

Most frequently occurring within the toilet’s water tank, common issues requiring repairs tend to center around this area where most of the moving parts are located that serve to fill and empty the tank. If you begin to experience an issue with your toilet, we can identify the cause and advise you on your best options of repair or if a full replacement might be needed. You can be on the lookout for some of these most common issues requiring repair:

  • Leaking: Usually stemming from water leaking from the flush valve, other causes can include a crack specifically in the tank, refill tube, or somewhere else on the unit.
  • Clogging: A clogged toilet bowl can lead to the toilet bowl overflowing or draining slower than it should.
  • Constant Running: A running toilet can waste two gallons of water per minute which can lead to a considerable hike in the price of your water bill.
  • Failure to Flush: Frequently caused by the handle being stuck or damaged in some way.

If you are experiencing any such issues with your toilet, give us a call today. We can help you fix any toilet problems you may be facing and get your bathrooms back in working order regardless of where you might be located in the greater Chicagoland area.