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Advantage Plumbing is your local professional for consultations, repairs, and installations for all your plumbing needs. Our team is trained to tackle all of the issues that the Illinois winters can throw at us, and more! We’re here when you need us, so contact us at (847) 268-3553 and you won’t have to worry about it because we’ll take care of it for you!

Offering Supreme Drain Cleaning in Streamwood

Supreme Drain CleaningWe love working with drains and pipes, so if yours gets clogged, you know who to call. We can repair your backups and backflows so you don’t have to try to do it yourself because sometimes the problem is bigger than you may realize. Advantage Plumbing are experts when it comes to dealing with everything from trenchless and CIPP service, which we offer to unclog, repair, or replace your pipes due to anything from sludge buildup or invading tree roots.

 Our eyes can’t always tell us what’s going on inside of our drains and pipes. That’s why you should have a qualified team of plumbers in mind to get to you as fast as possible. We provide the best customer service to gain your trust because we want to be your qualified team of plumbers. Advantage Plumbing is proud to offer our premier services in Streamwood, and we invite you to give us a call when you need us!

Call (847) 268-3553 to Receive the Best Plumbing Services Around! And visit our customer reviews to view the opinions of our clients.

Your Trusted Sewer Service Professional in Streamwood

Pipe WaterThe last thing we need is when our sewer systems fail! We’ll determine the cause of the problem and come up with the best solution that fits your needs. We know how important it is for a sewer system to function without fail, so we’ll make sure that it is restored so that it functions properly.

Flooding of a sewer is sometimes the culprit and that can cause ugly issues, including in basements. We can take care of any flooding problem too. If Hydro Jetting is necessary, we’ve got the equipment and the installation know-how to get your pipes and sump pump to do their jobs. Contact us anytime if you have any questions.

We offer emergency plumbing calls! It’s never clear when someone may have one, but it is our pleasure to be able to provide emergency plumbing services to our customers for a burst pipe in the winter, or any other emergency.

The Following Are Our Plumbing Services Available in Streamwood

Backflow Testing and Installation
Drain Cleaning
Flood Control and Sewer System
Garbage Disposal
Gas Line Installation and Repair
Hydro Jetting
Leak Detection and Repair
Sump Pumps
Toilet Installation and Repair
Trenchless and CIPP
Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation
Water Heater Installation
Water Heater Repair Experts

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Take a look at our FAQ page to better understand some of the plumbing issues you may be experiencing. Do you smell  rotten eggs? Do you hear dripping that sounds like a water leak? Is your water pressure acting up? We give you a few tips on what to look for by checking out our FAQ page. Once you’ve done that, give us a call to eliminate the problem!

Sewer DrainWe know that Streamwood has a choice when it comes to selecting the right plumbing company and Advantage Plumbing would like to be your choice. With full transparency and fair prices, we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of us with your questions or a quote by calling us at (847) 268-3553, to receive the best customer service in town!

Streamwood is a village located northwest of the suburbs of Chicago, and a part of its metropolitan area. It’s one of the three of the communities of the Tri-Village area, which includes Hanover Park and Bartlett, having a population of about 41,000 residents.

The area is located within the Hanover Township, which would later be named Streamwood. It was referred to as Hoosier Grove back in the day, and it was home to many of the farms, dairy farmers, and pastures from the early 1830s through the 1950s and was incorporated as a village in 1957.

When the village was being built up with residential homes, the brochures promised that it would be a Town of Tomorrow. The builders marketed this idea to war veterans who were looking for affordable housing in the area. 2017 marked Streamwood’s 60th Anniversary, and the community is optimistic about its continued growth and potential.