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Plato Center Water Heater Repair

Know When To Repair And When To Replace Your Water Heater

When faced with the need for water heater repairs, it is crucially important to seek the guidance of a professional plumbing contractor, especially in Illinois and the Plato Center area as state laws dictate that anyone performing installation or repairs have a type 055 license. Water heaters can be incredibly complicated and there can be some amount of danger involved in the repair or installation of either a tankless or standard tank units. If you’ve been having trouble with the water heater or system in your Plato Center home, it is likely that your water heater is in need of routine maintenance or repairs. You should contact a licensed contractor as soon as possible to avoid repair or installation costs that will only get more expensive with time.

Water heaters tend to be mostly self sufficient, requiring little to no maintenance as there are only a small number of parts that can be replaced. This includes components such as a thermostat, FVIR device, and in some cases, a number of valves that are able to be replaced. These replaceable parts and their corresponding repairs are generally covered by manufacturer warranties which can cut your costs immensely. Unfortunately, if your water heater has started leaking, then the possibility of repair as an option of solving the problem is far less likely. Water Heater Repairs can definitely extend the life of your unit, but no water heater will last forever. If your water heater has reached the point of leaking, it may be past the point of repair and require replacement of the entire unit. Leaking is the first sign of that the inner lining has either been compromised or rusted out completely. If your unit is still under warranty then the manufacturer should cover the cost of replacement, otherwise, it may be time to begin looking for a new unit. Replacement can be a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your system or at the very least switch to a more efficient water heater. If you’re not sure whether repair or replacement would be the best move for your water heating system, be sure to contact our water heater repair and replacement specialists at Advantage Plumbing Heating & AC today.

How To Deal With Flood Damage To Your Water Heater

One of the most common causes of damage to the average homeowners’ water heaters or other utility equipment is from flooding. If you recently experienced flooding in the area where your water heating unit is located, it is highly recommended that you have the unit inspected immediately and possibly replaced. It is incredibly important to contact a water heating professional, even if the water damage only amounted to an inch or two as it can be very difficult to discern the amount of damage that your water heater sustained without a thorough examination. The biggest risk is any loose debris that may have become lodged in the unit and could put your system at risk of combustion.

Keeping your water heater in working order is hugely important to every day life as well as the sustainability of your home and maintaining the integrity of your pipework. To have a professional licensed contractor dispatched to your home to assess the damage and possible need for the repair or replacement of your system, contact us today so we can help your quickly find a solution. We have been serving the greater Plato Center are for a number of years and offer 24/7 service for all water heater emergencies. Schedule your water heater inspection today or give us a call at the number below.