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Elgin Flood Control Sewer Systems

Eliminate Sewer Backup & Flooding Problems  

Flood control systems help to reduce and can even prevent the detrimental effects that flood waters can have when coming in contact with your home. Due to the slightly older and somewhat antiquated sewer systems in Elgin and a number of the surrounding suburbs many people and families have experienced issues with flooding occurring in their homes and basements. With options somewhat limited the only real solution is to invest in a professionally installed flood control system. There are a few different options as to the type of system available but each system is generally targeted at specific scenarios and used or recommended based on your individual situation. At Advantage Plumbing, one of our flood control experts can easily assist you in determining which option might be best for you, your home, and even your budget.

The Importance of a Flood Control System

Basements flood primarily due to a broken or malfunctioning sump pump, an issue with your sewer line, or an improperly sized sump pit. However, the worst floods occur during times of torrential rainfall or above average precipitation resulting in city sewers backing up to account for overflow from the street drains being over capacity. As a homeowner, there isn’t much you can do to avoid or prevent rain water from backing up into your basement in these scenarios. Having a flood control system installed in your home is practically the only way to prevent this from happening in the future and is essential for homeowners who have a finished basement or intend to finish their below ground level at some point. As experts in flood control systems, we can help you eliminate the risk of flooding problems and sewer backups in your home by helping you choose what type of flood control system will best fit your home:

  • Overhead Sewer Flood Control System
  • Lift Station Pumping System
  • Check Valve
  • Drainage Tile Systems