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We’re proud to be able to offer you quality plumbing services, including emergencies when you need us. We understand the fierce winter weather Illinois experiences, which can wreck-havoc causing a need for pipe repair and more. That’s why we make sure that our customers understand all options available to you before our team of experts corrects the problem in a timely manner.

Garbage Disposal RepairYou never know when your plumbing might go wrong. Whether your garbage disposal an overflowing toilet, or something more problematic like a gas line, or it may be time to take a long look at your water heater (including tankless water heaters), Advantage Plumbing are the experts to contact to quickly restore your peace of mind.

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You may experience smells and sounds that you aren’t sure of the source which could be a gas leak. Rely on Advantage Plumbing to repair or install your gas line in no time. If you smell rotten eggs emitting from your water or you can hear water leaking, not knowing where it’s coming from, or your water pressure is performing poorly, give us a call and our experienced team will get to the bottom of it fast!

Expert Plumbing Services We Perform in Algonquin

Backflow Testing and Installation
Drain Cleaning
Flood Control and Sewer System
Garbage Disposal
Gas Line Installation and Repair
Hydro Jetting
Leak Detection and Repair
Sump Pumps
Toilet Installation and Repair
Trenchless and CIPP
Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation
Water Heater Installation
Water Heater Repair Experts

Quality Drain Cleaning Services in Algonquin

We all own a plunger, but sometimes it doesn’t dislodge the clog because there might be a bigger problem looming. Unexpected backups and backflows are the worst and we’ve all tried over-the-counter, and even homemade remedies like baking soda and vinegar to get our drains moving again. The problem might call for trenchless and CIPP service.

 If your techniques aren’t getting the job done call on our experts to clear your drains by finding the sludge buildup, tree roots, damaged pipes, or whatever is keeping your drain from working smoothly. Don’t be inconvenienced any longer – call Advantage Plumbing at (847) 268-3553 because we’re tough on clogs but we’re gentle on your pipes.

Experienced in Servicing Sewers in Algonquin

Water Heater InstallationThe training we undergo is geared toward detecting and servicing whatever problem you discover in your home or business, including your sewers. You shouldn’t have to suffer if your basement pipes are experiencing flooding due to your sewer system.

Advantage Plumbing offers Hydro Jetting to keep your pipes and your sump pump working properly. We will evaluate the problem to determine if we can repair the problem, or we can install a new system for you. We’re here for you, so please call or send us a message anytime.

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We know that Algonquin has a choice when it comes to selecting the right plumbing company and Advantage Plumbing would like to be your choice. With full transparency and fair prices, we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of us with your questions or a quote by calling us at (847) 268-3553, to receive the best customer service in town!

Algonquin was first settled in 1834 and was incorporated as a village in 1890. It was once a small and rural farming community, located on the county borders of both Kane and McHenry, among the suburbs of Chicago located about 40 miles northwest of the Loop. Its current population is around 31,000 residents.

It has a rich history, formerly known as “the Gem of the Fox River Valley,” because it’s situated in the valley’s foothills. The name Algonquin was chosen in 1847, based on a ship that one of the settlers, Samuel Edwards, once owned. And from 1906 to 1913, the Algonquin Hill Climb contests took place at Phillips Hill and Perry Hill, (now Lundstrom Lane), where the contestants drove to win the coveted award called the Algonquin Cup.

Algonquin Village has grown into a thriving suburban location with beautiful neighborhoods and has always been known for having a warm and friendly atmosphere. It became popular by Chicago residents long ago, becoming a desired vacation spot.